Drake Automotive Group Promotes Greg Foutz to VP of Systems


Drake Automotive Group announces another critical internal promotion as it consolidates its internal systems.
Greg Foutz has been promoted to VP of Systems for Drake Automotive Group - stepping out of Operations role at Addictive Desert Designs.

As Drake has nearly tripled in size over the last year with the acquisitions of Proforged (Los Angeles), Rev Wheels, DV8 Off-Road (Riverside, CA), and Addictive Desert Designs (Mesa, AZ), it is excited to announce the following internal promotion, effective August 15, 2019.

Greg Foutz has been promoted from Vice President of Operations of Drake’s Addictive Desert Designs (ADD) subsidiary in Mesa to Vice President of Systems for all aDrake entities. Greg, an avid off-road racer, race truck builder, and systems designer and programmer, started with ADD in April of 2012 as ADD’s General Manager and Vice President of Operations. Greg will be stepping out of all operations at ADD and will focus primarily on executing Drake’s vision of becoming a leader in systems and systems integration as it continues its aggressive acquisition path.

Greg will initially be responsible for consolidating all Drake entities under one centralized ERP, dashboard, telecom, and management reporting system.

“Greg has been a tremendous asset to ADD, developing the core ADD Production System-which will be linked with Macola and all other Drake manufacturing divisions. Greg is the right person that can deliver a very deliberate and focused vision laid out by the Board and the CEO, Keith Belair”, states Jared Hare, President, Addictive Desert Designs.

“Although, it was tough to ask Greg to step out of operations at ADD, especially given the massive growth the company has seen under his operations leadership - the overall systems integration, of all companies is the logical step for Drake and it is the appropriate next upward step in Greg’s shining career at Drake” added, Keith Belair, CEO, Drake Automotive Group.