Prototyping and Mold Making Tool: MAKEiT 2x4 Large Format 3D Printer, US Quality at Affordable Price


Innovative 3D Printer Prints Large Parts

Made in California, MAKEiT 2x4 is the well-built large format 3D printer designed to meet auto industry’s needs. With a massive, heated rectangular printing area of 55x24x31in (4.6x2x2.6ft, or 1400x610x800mm), 3D printing large part in one single piece can be achieved affordably.

Parts like door panels, fenders, grills, hoods, bumpers, spoiler, splitters and more can be 3D printed on MAKRO2x4 in hours or days.

MAKEiT 2x4 large format 3D printer works with different types of building materials. It prints not only regular PLA, PETG, but also works with industrial grade specialties, such as PETG with carbon fiber fill, Nylon, Nylon with carbon fiber fill, Nylon with glass fiber fill, TPU, etc. MAKEiT 2x4 printer is on wheels, making it much more portable than most 3D printers. Processes such as material feeding/removing and bed calibration are automated.

MAKEiT 5lbs or 10lb material spool is paired with a filament run-out detector, minimizing the hassle of multiple filament changes during the printing process. Operating the printer is done via an on-board 10” touch screen tablet or via your own computer. In addition, the user can control and monitor the print via local network, or remotely via the internet or smartphone.

Besides making prototypes, 3D printing batches of end-use parts or marketing showpieces are typical uses for the MAKEiT 2x4 3D printer. In addition, businesses can use this printer to make in-house plastic fixtures, jigs, and molds, minimizing the high cost and long waiting time of outsourced custom-tooling and helping to reduce production cost in scale.

MAKEiT 2x4 large format 3D printer is built by MAKEiT, Inc., an innovative-driven company in California. Their 3D printers haven been adopted by aerospace and auto industries. Check Out MAKEiT 2x4 at SEMA New Product Showcase. Live 3D printing of large car parts will be demonstrated at booth #31337 in the Upper South Hall.

Special Show Only Pricing Available Now.

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