Go-Fast Green Live Wires


Get that attention getting look from Performance Distributors' new Go-Fast Green

Live Wire plug wires. Approximately 1/2" in diameter, the Go-Fast Green Live Wires perform as

good as they look. The low resistance Green wires deliver maximum spark energy to

your plugs.

Performance Distributors’ “LIVE WIRES” is a revolutionary type of spark

plug wire. The wire comes with a space age, heat resistant sleeving to provide the best

protection from headers and manifold heat. The sleeving provides protection from -76

degrees to +1400 degrees! The wires are custom fit for your engine-no assembly is

required. For your convenience, each end of the wire is numbered to correspond to

the correct cylinder. Spiral winding prevents electronic interference. Heat shrink is

applied between the boot and sleeving to keep dirt and moisture away from the wire

terminals. Live Wires are also available in Orange, Red, Silver, Blue, Black, Yellow, and Purple. For

more information, contact Performance Distributors, 2699 Barris Dr., Memphis, TN,

38132, (901)396-5782, info@performancedistributors.com