For a quick and precise color shade evaluation in the paint booth use the SATA® trueSunTM daylight lamp


The selection of the correct color shade for refinishing a vehicle requires a source of light that reproduces the entire color range of visible light (daylight) as accurately as possible. The SATA® trueSunTM LED lamp which was especially designed for this purpose allows a quick and precise professional color shade evaluation and identification within the paint shop.
When selecting the right daylight lamp there is no room for compromise, any rework caused by an incorrect color identification is an expensive mistake with high rework costs.
Due to the uniform distribution of the light across the light cone, the SATA® trueSunTM LED lamp allows the almost perfect reproduction of daylight. The lamp remains at constant level until the device has completely switched off – regardless of the actual charging condition of the Lithium-Ion battery, the charging condition is indicated on the built-in display. The battery is extremely durable with a built-in charging display and long operating life, approximately 70 minutes at full light intensity, lasting for an entire days production in most shops. An automatic switch-off function in combination with a minimal, complete charging cycle of approximately 50 minutes, guarantees that the daylight lamp is always operational when needed. Designed to greatly improve the daily work of every professional painter.
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