DIY Thermal Protection for Your Restoration


Protect sensitive parts and components with Thermo-Tec’s Adhesive-Backed Heat Barrier.

When sensitive automotive components get too hot, they can become damaged and/or not perform as they should. That’s why the heat control experts at Thermo-Tec created the Adhesive-Backed Heat Barrier.

Peel and stick the Adhesive to just about any surface to create a thermal shield for sensitive components, plastic parts and vulnerable painted surfaces. Radiant heat doesn’t stand a chance against the Barrier’s woven silica construction and flexible aluminized finish.

The highly reflective surface is capable of withstanding radiant temperatures up to 2,000 degrees, while the adhesive can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees.

Available in a variety of sizes that can be cut to fit any space, the Adhesive-Backed Heat Barrier can be used to prevent damage on any vulnerable surface, or wrapped around hoses or wires for a clean, professional appearance.

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