Breathing equipment to protect your health


With the aim to further increase the acceptance of breathing protection equipment, SATA offers a modern-design solution, the SATA air vision 5000.
Every day painters are exposed to solvents, sanding dust and overspray. As a consequence, it is paramount for painters to effectively protect their respiratory tracts as well as their heads including eyes, hair and skin.
The breathing protection system consists of the supplied air respirator, SATA air vision 5000, and a belt unit, which allows for easy attachment of different add-on modules. Depending on the quality of the supplied compressed air, there are two available options of air regulation units: either the SATA air regulator or the SATA air carbon regulator, which also includes an activated charcoal adsorber. With the SATA air warmer, SATA air humidifier and the SATA air cooler, there are three additional optional modules that can also be mounted on the belt to further enhance the breathing comfort for the painter.
The breathing protection hood SATA air vision 5000 protects the respiratory system and the complete head area against solvents and overspray. The hood comes in a modern design offering maximum comfort and perfect fit. The head fixation can be adapted to fit every individual head shape and is easy to adjust. The soft stream flow-optimized breathing air and a large field of vision further enhance the high wearer comfort. The sound level inside the hood has been reduced to comfortable 64 dB, while the field of vision has been enlarged by almost 50% compared to the SATA vision 2000. In addition, the SATA air vision 5000 is also equipped with a rigid bump cap, which makes working in areas of difficult access safer.
The comfortably cushioned belt unit offers a user-friendly design, this belt unit includes two adapters for add-on modules allowing quick and easy attachment and removal, respectively the SATA air regulator and air carbon regulator as well as the SATA air humidifier. Both add-on modules can be switched quickly from one side of the belt unit to the other – whatever the user prefers.
In addition, the SATA air regulator and air carbon regulator can be swiveled and adjusted by up to 45°, according to the practical requirements of the job at hand. The SATA air vision 5000 with belt, SATA air regulator, and all other add-on modules have been NIOSH approved in the U.S and are available at your local SATA dealer.
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