Fumoto USA Presents its Most Versatile Engine Oil Drain Valve at SEMA


Fumoto’s most versatile innovation in oil draining technology, the SX Series valve brings convenience, efficiency, and ease to oil changing and will be featured at the SEMA Products Showcase at the SEMA Show this November 5-8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Santa Rosa, CA – August 14, 2019

The SX Series valve, Fumoto’s most versatile oil drain valve innovation builds on the solid foundation of the original Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valve by providing enhanced convenience and adjustability to make oil changes quicker and easier on most any vehicle engine.

Demonstrations on how the SX Series valve works will be conducted throughout the SEMA Show from November 5-8 at the Fumoto booth #34308 in the South Hall Upper at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Additionally, the SEMA Products Showcase will feature the SX Series valve.

Innovative features on the SX Series valves include:
• 360-degree adjustability, so you can place the valve and lever wherever you choose, making it more convenient to activate the valve than ever before
• Faster flow rate. Fumoto has increased the size of the ball valve resulting in some applications draining at double the speed of previous valve models.
• New lighter, stronger SX bolt. The new bolt is made of duralumin alloy, providing great strength and durability while also reducing stress on the oil drain port.

The Fumoto SX valves are available for a wide variety of applications. Backed by the Fumoto Guarantee, the SX valves come with a 90-day satisfaction trial and Workmanship and Materials coverage. The Fumoto SX valves are available for distribution, retail, and individual sales. For more information, visit www.fumotousa.com.

Fumoto USA is the U.S. based distributor for Fumoto. Since 1976, Fumoto has earned the trust of over 13 million satisfied end users. Car and truck owners, fleet operators, and engine manufacturers can testify to the impeccable quality, proven performance, and reliability of the Fumoto Valve. Fumoto offers engine oil drain valves for virtually any vehicle engine. For more information and to find the valve that is right for your vehicle, please visit fumotousa.com.

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