Zund announces digital cutting exhibit at SEMA 2019


At SEMA 2019, Zund presents customizable, multifunctional digital cutting equipment perfect for producing automotive components. Zund is renowned for its expertise in the processing of materials characteristic of the auto industry.


At SEMA 2019, Booth 50823 in the Performance Pavilion, Zund introduces digital cutting equipment configured for automotive manufacturing applications ranging from leather, fabric, upholstery, vinyl graphics, composites, gaskets, and many other automotive-related materials. Zund’s highly versatile, modular, and customizable cutters have long been the system of choice for many of the world’s most renowned automobile manufacturers. Capable of delivering the utmost in cut quality and precision, Zund systems are ideal for efficiently producing automotive components that meet the highest performance standards.

Zund cutting systems achieve more throughput in less time and are systematically geared towards fully automated production; at the same time, gradual implementation is also possible with semi-automated production workflows. With software solutions from Zund, users can easily handle the rigorous demands of a variety of production scenarios—from prototyping to total automation. Italian automobile manufacturer Pagani uses Zund cutting equipment to cut carbon fiber for the more than 200 carbon-fiber components that go into the making of each of its supercars.

Zund Cut Center, Zund’s user-friendly production software, automatically optimizes cutting contours and cut paths depending on the material and choice of tools. With integrated nesting functions, parts are laid out automatically for optimal material usage and significantly reduced waste. In view of the rising cost of many of the materials used in the industry, optimum material yield and uncompromising cut quality are essential to making digital cutting productive and profitable.

About Zund

Zund America is a family-owned manufacturer of multifunctional digital cutting systems. For more than three decades, the Zund name has stood for Swiss quality—synonymous with precision, performance, and reliability. Zund has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing modular digital cutting systems since 1984 and is recognized worldwide as market leader in several different industries. The technological superiority of Zund cutters stems from the company’s insistence on superior quality standards, modular design, and a strong focus on its customers and their market-specific needs for cutting, finishing, and automation.

For more information, please visit Zund’s website at www.zund.com.