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The Ninja Harness by

The Quick Install and Remove Harness for the Weekend Racer

Oklahoma City, OK, August 2019 – SeatbeltPlanet is pleased to release their first-ever Ninja Harness. Ever found yourself wishing you had a full harness for the track but don’t want to bother with it on your commute? The Ninja Harness is the answer.

SeatbeltPlanet has worked with real-world weekend warriors to develop a four-point harness that be installed and removed with just a few quick clicks. For you, that means you can install the harness before hitting the track and remove it before driving home. It’s a great solution, and you’re going to love it.
With the Ninja Harness by SeatbeltPlanet, don’t be held back on your drive to work (but do wear your factory seat belt). Then, with installation in under a minute, install your Ninja Harness and beat that other guy down the track.

Oh, and it’s available in over 30 different colors.


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