Overland Rack Brings Putco Quality to New Market


Des Moines, Iowa, USA, July 30 2019.

Putco Inc., an automotive accessory manufacturer and decades-long leader in the top-of-the-bed category, introduces the VentureTec™ overland racking system. For fifty years Putco has led its industry in innovation by adopting trends early on in their development. With the growth of this market, Putco felt the need to provide a high-quality and versatile racking system using their patented technology and exceptional capabilities. This product is manufactured entirely in Des Moines, Iowa, using components sourced from within the United States.

“I am extremely excited about the addition of the Putco VentureTec line of products,” Putco Vice President of Sales and Marketing Justin Moore said. “Not only are we gear-heads here at Putco but we also have an extreme passion for the outdoor market. Many of us cycle, fish, hike, and camp, so the VentureTec line brought all our great product ideas together to build what we feel is the best bolt-on aluminum rack system in North America. We are also proud that the VentureTec products are designed and manufactured in our facility located in Des Moines, Iowa.”

Putco is a tube bender at heart. This manufacturing process is where the company began, and where it still excels today. Due to their unique tooling and high-tech equipment, this racking system is formed entirely by Putco’s patented aluminum extruded tube. This construction gives the product a distinct look as well as unparalleled functionality. Two bent extrusions form the hoops secured to the vehicles bed, while four straight extrusions attach to the tubes using an interior connecting method prioritizing stealth and security.

One key feature of the extrusion is the degree of customization and utility it allows. Two “T” channels run across the extrusion’s top side, giving users the opportunity to integrate Putco’s continuously expanding line of overland accessories and lighting products. These channels also integrate the mounting systems used by many other companies, including bike racks, kayak mounts, etc. With the simplicity and ease of these mounting channels, the capabilities and mounting options available to the consumer are limited only by their imagination. On the sides of the tube, there is another channel that is a little over an inch wide. This width snugly fits Putco’s Blade™ and Lumix™ series, allowing for low-profile and powerful 360° lighting application, a third brake light, or vehicle safety/visibility customizable strobe functions.

Putco currently offers several accessories for the VentureTec rack and is currently in the design process on more. Side plates with RotopaX and MAXTRAX integration, cargo boxes, grab handles, and tables mounted directly on the rack are among the currently offered accessories. Included in every kit is also a tent mounting system, compatible with all high-quality vehicle-mounted tents in the marketplace. Racks for all full-size trucks are also compatible with tonneau covers, without a tonneau compatibility kit.

The VentureTec overland rack is mounted using two no-drill methods. The first is in the stake pockets of the vehicle, using Putco's “crazy-7” bracket. This gives the rack increased stability while eliminating installation-related damage to the vehicle. The second is for smaller vehicles without stake pockets, like the Toyota Tacoma. The rack mounts using OEM hardware on a rail system located on the inside of the bed. Both methods have been stress-tested and approved by Putco’s quality and engineering departments.

The VentureTec overland rack is a high-quality product at a cost-effective price. Putco currently has stock and is ready to ship this product for the following vehicle models: 2016+ Toyota Tacoma, 2014+ Toyota Tundra, 2015+ Ford F-150, 2017+ Ford Super Duty, 2019+ Chevy LD, 2019 Dodge Ram, and the Jeep Gladiator.

Be sure to keep an eye out for several more ambitious new products on their way from Putco in the coming months.