NEW Product ALERT! SLiPLO is the easy bumper protector


Drivers of vehicles in the line of sports, exotics, coupes, sedan or any lowered cars are now served with SLiPLO, a universal skid plate intended to provide an easy solution for every day driving challenges.
As a brand-new car care accessory, SLiPLO is a simple one size fits all skid plate that does not require any drilling and serves to minimize friction for when your car goes down a sharp driveway or when hitting a parking curb. It’s also formulated to absorb impact from asphalt. With the SLiPLO skid plate, you can now avoid that disturbing sound when you come down driveways or when you go over parking curbs with your bumper. Cars that also add accessories such as the carbon fiber splitters, lower lips and chin spoilers will significantly benefit from this product by keeping in mint condition and avoiding shattered carbon fiber.
All car enthusiasts can benefit from this product because they characteristically seek to enjoy the thrill of driving without having to worry about the road beneath their cars. So, for the sake of that road experience of a lifetime where worry and being careful are the bottom of your bucket list, protect your car with the SLiPLO universal skid plate.
The SLiPLO Universal Skid Plate comes with a very strong self-adhesive. The adhesive is so strong it measures as the same of a rivet per square inch. Some of the extras and desirables that this product brings include the fact that it provides value for money spent, easy to install, as there is no need for drilling to have it fitted on your car.
The SLiPLO Universal skid plate is an authentic product whose outlet has gone over 100 top tier aftermarket accessory shops for installation purposes worldwide, making it more accessible for drivers. Alternatively, enthusiasts can also purchase a do it yourself (DIY) kit that comes with a user manual online, , for those hands on car enthusiast that like doing things at the comfort of their own garage.
The SLiPLO is a single stock keeping unit (SKU) attributing to one of its many features that make it stand out.
Many car owners and drivers who have lowered cars are already benefiting from this product, with many of them being previous victims of bumper damages and shattered carbon fiber lips by either impact or friction from asphalt when coming down driveways or bumps on the road. Do not put your car at risk putting it on road without having installed the SLiPLO universal skid plate as this compromises the security of your bumper.
If you are a car enthusiast, visit our website at www. to get more information on the product as well as its specifications and sample images of how it looks like on some of the most expensive cars this world, also you can see how it is fitted and the eventual appearance it will provide on your car. You can also find more information on our social media pages; YouTube, Instagram and Facebook @Drscrape, where you will get more informative content concerning this new car care accessory SLiPLO universal skid plate. We help make protecting your bumper easy from damages caused from friction, absorbing impact and at the same time, complement its appearance.