FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Niagara Falls, NY (2019) – Get up close to the stars in the sky with Napier’s new Rooftop Tent! Enjoy your camping or off-roading adventure rooftop style with this new addition from Napier Outdoors.

This durable, weather-resistant tent features ripstop polyester canvas with 2000mm PU waterproofing—both UV and mold resistant—and mesh panels for ventilation and breathtaking views. A thick, wall-to-wall foam mattress provides ultimate comfort after a day of exploring, and the included rainfly ensures extra protection for stormy nights. Gear pockets in the tent provide a place to store your belongings, and windows on all sides ensure you don’t miss any of the view. An adjustable ladder allows for safe entry and easy set-up, and the sleek black and grey design offers both a sophisticated and rugged look.

To set-up the tent, a roof rack system on the vehicle is required, or cross bars can also be installed. With sleeping space for two and a quick set-up time, this tent is a welcome addition to Napier’s extensive line of truck and SUV tents.

The Napier Rooftop Tent will help to meet the needs of dedicated campers and adventure-seeking individuals. Keeping you high off the ground and closer to the night sky, enjoy the ability to soak up 360 degree views, while breathing in the fresh air. Plus, sleep easy knowing you’re away from the dirt and insects of the ground below. No matter where your adventure takes you, you’ll always have a home away from home.

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