Manatec launches - JUMBO 3D SUPER 6A World's 1st 3D wheel aligner for Heavy duty Multi-Axle vehicles (Buses, Trucks and Trailers)


Jumbo 3D Super is an innovative product, using 3D technology for Wheel Alignment of Heavy duty Multi-Axle vehicles (Buses, Trucks and Trailers) capable of measuring wheel alignment angles up to 6 axles simultaneously.

The product uses 3D Digital Image Processing technology. Four High resolution Digital Imaging cameras, two on each side, is used for seamless data acquisition of ten image plates fitted on to the wheels, simultaneously.

First time ever in Wheel Alignment such simultaneous data acquisition and processing for SIX Axles and covering a Wheel base length of 16.0 Meters is done.

Present Wheel Alignment methods for Multi Axles:

• Wheel Alignment of Multi Axle Vehicles are done one by one, sequentially, for each axle.
• This requires the sensor heads or image plates to be removed and re fixed along with the wheel Brackets one by one for the number of axles.
• The Runout compensation is being done one by one by jacking up every axle and rotating the wheels by hand.
• All the above requires more time and energy from technicians.

Advantages of JUMBO 3D Super:

• 3D Image Plates can be fixed at a time in all the six axles (wheels)
• No need to remove and re-fix every time
• Run out measurements are taken at a time for all wheels in single rolling the vehicle by 30 degrees wheel rotation (Push type Run out).
• Movement is by simply driving the vehicle (No need for any additional accessory)
• Alignment measurements of all 5 axles can be completed under 3 minutes.
• Alignment completed within one-third the time of conventional methods. Huge time and energy saving for the Mechanic.
• Environment friendly; consumes less power (250W) and does not generate any noise (sound) or air pollution