The new Lightforce HTX2 Hybrid Driving Light has just been released, setting a new
benchmark for driving lights.
Lightforce led the way in 2016 with its innovative HTX Hybrid Driving Lights, combining HID and LED technology in one high-performance package. The HTX’s combination of unmatched performance and superior durability made it a worldwide hit, especially among professional drivers and top-tier motorsport competitors. With the second-generation HTX2, Lightforce has made the best even better.
“We are so proud of our HTX, and now the HTX2 reinforces our position as the leading designer and manufacturer of driving lights, not just in Australia but anywhere in the world,” says Lightforce Founder and Director Dr. Ray Dennis. “It’s no small achievement to improve on a market-leading product like HTX, but we are committed to continuous improvement in everything we do.”
Lightforce engineers have developed a number of improvements for the new HTX2, refining and evolving the product to meet the needs of the most demanding user.
“We re-examined every aspect of the HTX in our planning for the next generation, applying everything we’ve learned since the HTX was released three years ago,” says Lightforce Engineering Manager Mark Zussino. “Almost every element of the design has been improved, from the globes and LEDs to the housing, mount and electronic components.”
The new HTX2 uses less power, while maintaining the high output and clear visibility offered by the original HTX. The new Philips® D1S HID bulb is faster starting and more efficient. Surrounding the HID and its precision 170mm reflector are 20 Lumileds® domeless Luxeon ZES LEDs. Each LED has its own finely-tuned reflector, seated at a precise angle within its mounting ring, combining to deliver a precise beam pattern. With the HTX, Lightforce were the first to create focused reflectors for each LED, and this system is retained in the HTX2.
This combination of premium quality components delivers outstanding lighting performance of 1 Lux at over 1,650 metres and .25 Lux at over 3.3 kilometres.
As well as being exceptionally bright, both HID and LED components are colour matched to 5000K, producing pure white light for optimal visibility. Both light sources also deliver a matched CRI of 70, for improved colour rendering that enables drivers to distinguish objects ahead, reducing fatigue and improving safety.
The HTX2’s new aluminium housing is a robust, single-piece unit with increased surface area for improved heat dissipation and a slim profile that allows fitting to most modern bull bars. This also makes the HTX2 ideal for more vehicles with frontal sensors for autonomous emergency braking and active cruise control. The new heatsink is more aerodynamic, reducing turbulence, noise, drag and vibration. An easy access point at the rear of the housing allows for simple HID bulb replacement.
The new housing features a repositioned mounting point in line with the unit’s centre of gravity, improving stability and minimising potential for vibration. The HTX2 also uses the reversible glass-filled nylon mount and captive Nyloc® nuts that have been proven across the Lightforce range of LED Driving Lights. The mount also comes with additional bolts that provide triple-secure mounting to guard against theft.
The aluminium housing undergoes a pre-treatment process that ensures the UV-stabilised powdercoating is uniform and free of blemishes, for a smooth, durable black finish that will last a lifetime.
Redesigned sealing featuring a Gore® waterproof membrane, mechanical seal, and a new, integrated waterproof plug offer improved protection against dust and moisture, surpassing IP68 and IP69K standards for ingress protection. The HTX2 is dustproof and submersible, and can withstand high pressure and steam jets for cleaning. From -40°C in ice and snow to +40°C in dust, the HTX2 can handle the worst driving conditions on earth.
Electromagnetic interference is reduced even further, with German OEM-spec Osram® ballast and shielded cables that surpass European compliance standards.
As with other lights in the Lightforce range, a variety of filters are available to protect the lens and bezel, and allow drivers to modify the beam pattern to suit their needs. The HTX2 comes with a protective clear spot filter as standard, with options including a Clear Combo filter that delivers a full flood pattern, and a black cover to provide full protection when not in use.
Other accessories available for the HTX2 include an anti-theft fitting kit and replacement bulbs, including an optional 4200K HID bulb for a warmer colour temperature. The Xtreme Top Stay Bracket provides extra stability for heavy duty off-road work, and the Dual Switching Harness can activate HID, LED or both when the high beams are switched on, allowing drivers to fine tune their driving experience to suit conditions.
“All of our current driving lights are made in Australia and are trusted in extreme conditions on seven continents,” says Dr. Ray Dennis. “Our new HTX2 retains the premium quality and performance of the groundbreaking HTX, with a suite of evolutionary improvements to ensure Lightforce remains at the forefront of automotive lighting technology.”
For 4WD and off-road enthusiasts, professional truck drivers and those who demand high performance when driving at night, the choice is brilliantly clear. HTX2 is the world’s best driving light.
Stockists can order now from Lightforce Customer Service or their Lightforce Regional Sales Manager