Keep it Clean with Badass Workbench's New Made-in-the-USA Teardown Table

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(Kearney, Neb.) – Aug. 1, 2019 – Badass Workbench, the leading provider of custom, lifetime-guaranteed workbenches, is gearing up for SEMA by introducing its new Badass Teardown Table.

Designed with the end in mind, the Badass Teardown Table features a ¼-inch formed top with sloped center drain fitted with an easy-to-remove fluid container for fast and easy clean-up of your engine, transmission or pump projects. Crafted out of heavy gauge steel, it has an overall capacity of 4,800 pounds and provides an amble work surface at 36-inches wide x 48-inches long x 36-inches tall. As with any Badass Workbench product, all features can be customized to fit user specifications.

Set on swivel casters, the Badass Teardown Table can be easily moved from project to project, all while keeping fluids and oils where they belong — off your floor.

About Badass Workbench:
Badass Workbench designs, develops and delivers one-of-kind workbenches, welding tables and cabinets. Made in the USA, but sold around the world, Badass Workbench is defined by exceptional craftsmanship, offering 65 models of heavy-duty products. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Nebraska, Badass Workbench is family-owned and operated.

Media Contact:
Cody Freeze, Owner of Badass Workbench