A Tool to assist with lifting wheels and tires


TRAC Tire Rotation Assistance Cart is a tool that assists with the lifting of wheels and tires while removing them from the vehicle during a service. The cart carries the weight of the wheel/tire assembly. The technician therefore does not need to use their back, avoiding an injury.

Off road shops benefit greatly while using the cart due to the larger size of the tires that most jeeps and trucks use. Servicing brakes, building axles, suspension cycles, tire rotations, and countless other services are easily done while utilizing the carts capabilities. Even lining up European wheels that use lug bolts is a breeze while using the TRAC tire rotation assistance cart.

The tire cart rolls under the tire to carry the weight of the wheel/tire assembly. The lug nuts get removed and stay on the cart in a holder. The wheel gets rolled off to the side while never using ones back to lift the wheel/tire. When ready to go back together just roll the cart back to the vehicle and install the wheel and lower the cart to pull away. DONE!!

The cart will not come in touch with the side of the vehicle therefore avoiding body damage and there are no air lines or hoses to get in the way of its operation. The TRAC Tire Rotation Assistance Cart is a simple way to remove and install wheels from a vehicle without damaging the wheel.