The Original Hoffman MiniLift


The Original Hoffman MiniLift, proudly offered to the North American market by Hoffman Services Inc.
Since 2011, the Original Hoffman MiniLift has been demonstrating its single-column, fully electric mobile lifting capabilities; capable of lifting a 5,000 lb vehicle.
The Hoffman Mini-Lift is European designed, engineered and manufactured by IME Autolift.
Complete with 120 volt electric, there is no need to run any additional electric, the Original Hoffman MiniLift ships, fully-assembled to each end user from Newark, NJ.
Over the last five years, the Original Hoffman MiniLift has become a popular addition within the facilities of both major automotive industry leaders as well as mechanical repair shops, bodywork companies, collectors and the like.
This versatile lift can be used in shops or home garages of any size, reducing strain on vehicles and providing ergonomic design benefits.

The Hoffman Mini-Lift and attachments is perfect for mechanical repair, bodywork, repainting and so much more.