#Labocosmetica: a wide range of extremely evolved products for the most demanding detailers



For the first time, MAFRA participates in the SEMA Show with #Labocosmetica, its division dedicated to car detailing. At Stand 16225, the detailers of the #Labocosmetica team perform live polishing and soft detailing demos, challenging their American colleagues, who are past masters in the matter.

Las Vegas (Nevada), Oct. 30/Nov. 2, 2018 – MAFRA, an Italian company, leader in the sector of car care and car detailing, participates for the first time in the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, the only Italian company from the car cosmetics sector to participate in the event. The stand is entirely given over to #Labocosmetica, the new division that was born with a precise goal: to satisfy the requests of the most demanding detailers, offering them innovative solutions and assisting them in their daily tasks. The #Labocosmetica range, developed in the company’s Research & Development laboratories, is the fruit of more than 50 years of experience and is produced in MAFRA’s cutting-edge plants.

#Labocosmetica offers a wide range of extremely evolved products, ideal for both professionals and aficionados: pre-wash products and shampoos; sealants and waxes; decontaminants and polishes; detergents for interior spaces. The #Labocosmetica products are easy to use and, thanks to the “I Forgive You” technology, make it possible to easily correct any mistakes made during the use and application of the products. Their special nanotechnology-based formulations guarantee excellent detergent properties and ensure protection, a silky smooth finish and resistance. The #Labocosmetica products increase the shine and finish of all surfaces, e.g. bodywork, glass, plastic, rims and exhaust pipes.

SEMA Show is the opportunity to show the world the latest additions to the wide #Labocosmetica range: #Ductile - APC (All Purpose Cleaner), a highly concentrated multi-use detergent with high cleaning capacity, efficient on all exterior and interior surfaces of the car; #Derma Cleaner, a revitalising detergent which, thanks to its balanced formula, gently cleans all types of leather upholstery; #Derma Sealant, a leather sealant that protects the surface by creating an impermeable, anti-abrasion chemical/physical barrier which maintains the natural softness and elasticity of leather, allowing it to breathe and preserving its original aspect.

In order to offer 100% service to detailers, the #Labocosmetica range also includes equipment that is the result of in-depth research and selection: from the “Gladius” orbital and rotary polishers to XL pads for larger surfaces, all the way to the accessories that are indispensable to detailers for a better performance (microfibre cloths, inspection lights and many, many more).

At the #Labocosmetica stand, professional detailers put their skills to the test with live polishing and soft detailing demos on a splendid Mustang Shelby 350 GT, showing the extraordinary properties of the products; the Company’s managers are at hand to provide information on the products and in the techniques for their use.

Its participation in the SEMA Show is a big challenge for MAFRA. Car detailing was, in fact, born and established in the United States. This is where the products and the techniques that restore a car to its original splendour, without the need to repaint, were developed. Let’s hear what Marco Mattioli, General Manager of MAFRA has to say: “The presence of #Labocosmetica at the SEMA Show is proof of the line’s success and, at the same time, evidence of the efforts of our company to promote this subject, not just in Italy but also on the international markets”.

For more information on the distribution of the products of the #Labocosmetica range, please visit the website www.labocosmetica.com or write to info@labocosmetica.it.

About MAFRA S.p.A.
MAFRA, a company founded in 1965, has always specialised in the development and production of solutions dedicated to car, motorcycle and boat cleaning; it also offers products for professional and residential spaces. MAFRA is present in 67 Countries, with two production plants: one in Italy and a recently inaugurated one in India. The company is continually busy with initiatives that aim to disseminate the culture of vehicle care and maintenance, evidence of which is to be found in its Blog and on its social network (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) channels.

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