Fuelab Produces New Line of Fuel Surge Tank Systems


With over 10 years of experience producing Brushless Fuel Pumps, Fuelab takes another leap forward by integrating their brushless fuel pump design directly to fuel surge tanks. Fuel surge tank systems provide a reserve of fuel for the main pump. This prevents air induction due to fuel sloshing within the main fuel tank from high-g launches, extreme cornering, or hard braking. The 617xx Series FST Systems provide Fuelab’s latest Twin Screw / High Efficiency technology with a 250, 350 or 500 LPH delivery capability to support up to 1250 Horsepower. The fuel surge tank systems come in two different volume sizes to fit your application best. MSRP: $995-$1059 depending on application. To keep the air out, contact Fuelab at (618) 344-3300, or at www.fuelab.com.