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Environmentally Smooth. LAS VEGAS, NV. SEMA, October 2018 - When you think about innovation and the environment, think of Swisstrax modular floorings newest line of tile. The Ribtrax® Smooth is a durable tile that is 100% recyclable and features a revolutionary low maintenance, self-draining design. These tiles are perfect for residential and business use. From garages, pools and patios, to athletic flooring, man caves and event applications, these tiles are fit for purpose.

The Ribtrax® Smooth is very durable and features a compressive strength of more than 2,500 psi and 60,000 lbs of rollover weight. It can withstand any climate rain or shine, with a UV stabalizer mixed into the material as well as the color pigments, making it highly fade resistant. This tile not only makes a positive inpact in your space, but it also makes a positive impact in our environment.

The Ribtrax® Smooth is a unique and effective way to make the ordinary extraordinary.

With its smooth, easy to clean design this tile will add both comfort and performance to your floorspace. Ribtrax® Smooth tiles can be combined with any other tile style from our Collection, expanding your flooring possibilities. It’s featured in ten different colors; Arctic White, Mocha Java, Chocolate Brown, Jet Black, Slate Grey, Pearl Silver, Royal Blue, Citrus Yellow, Tropical Orange and Racing Red. Combine any of these combinations tand create your own design to match your style and ground. Your floor should make an impact, go green with Ribtrax® Smooth!

WHO ARE WE? WHAT IS SWISSTRAX? Hey, maybe you lucked out and stumbled across this short briefing by extraordinary chance, but you don’t totally know what Swisstrax is all about. Give us the paragraph to introduce ourselves.

Swisstrax isn’t simply flooring. It lays the foundation for the finest automotive engineering, showrooms, and eventscapes in the world. Designed with the finest Swiss engineering over 20 years ago, Swisstrax was brought to Southern California in 2005, where it has been owned, manufactured and managed since. Engineered to assemble in a “Swiss-Click,” our modular Swisstrax tiles can be configured to feature your logo and custom color combinations. Best of all, it’s durable, easy to maintain and comes with a full, Lifetime Limited Warranty. With 19 colors to choose from, 7 hardwood grains, more than 10 styles, superior resistance to oils, solvents, salts and hot tires, Swisstrax offers exceptional customization and quality. Our 4-point injection molding process ensures maximum material distribution, edge to edge and corner to corner. Transform your space today. You’ll be floored.

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