Swisstrax announces its “Lifetime Limited Warranty” at the 2018 SEMA Show.


Flooring designed to last a lifetime!

STRENGTH AND DURABILITY NOW BACKED BY AN INDUSTRY LEADING WARRANTY. Las Vegas, NV. SEMA, October, 2018 – Confirming its commitment to the flooring industry, Swisstrax, a leading designer and manufacturer of modular flooring, has announced its “Lifetime Limited Warranty” program. The program goes into effect *November 1, 2018* and covers Swisstrax premium tile products for the original owner.

“Swisstrax has earned its reputation as the “Worlds Finest Modular Flooring” and after more than 20 years of experience, they are now standing behind the strength and durability of their tiles like never before,” said Founder and CEO of Swisstrax Randy Nelson. “This venture is adding value for the consumer and exceeding their expectations, allowing them to shop with confidence.”

“We have spent the last two decades perfecting our products as well as our manufacturing processes. This is an industry first and we are now able to offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty to our customers for our premium tile lines so that they can shop with complete confidence.” said Karl Grove VP of Operations and Marketing. “Customers of Swisstrax products have experienced the quality first hand and now we want to give new customers the opportunity to trust in the quality of our products and brand as well.”

WHO ARE WE? WHAT IS SWISSTRAX? Hey, maybe you lucked out and stumbled across this short briefing by extraordinary chance, but you don’t totally know what Swisstrax is all about. Give us the paragraph to introduce ourselves.

Swisstrax isn’t simply flooring. It lays the foundation for the finest automotive engineering, showrooms, and eventscapes in the world. Designed with the finest Swiss engineering over 20 years ago, Swisstrax was brought to Southern California in 2005, where it has been owned, manufactured and managed since. Engineered to assemble in a “Swiss-Click,” our modular Swisstrax tiles can be configured to feature your logo and custom color combinations. Best of all, it’s durable, easy to maintain and comes with a full, Lifetime Limited Warranty. With 19 colors to choose from, 7 hardwood grains, more than 10 styles, superior resistance to oils, solvents, salts and hot tires, Swisstrax offers exceptional customization and quality. Our 4-point injection molding process ensures maximum material distribution, edge to edge and corner to corner. Transform your space today. You’ll be floored.

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