Sentury Tire Introduces Delinte DX-12 Bandit R/T Rough Terrain Tire


Miami, FL (Oct. 25, 2018) – Sentury Tire USA announced today the introduction of the Delinte DX-12 Bandit R/T Tire.

"This new rough terrain tire has large, aggressive tread blocks with ample grooves for off-road mud, dirt and snow grip," said Maxwell Wee, executive vice president of Sentury Tire USA. "These rugged-looking tires are perfect for drivers who want a combination of off-road performance and on-road comfort."

The DX-12 Bandit R/T Rough Terrain Tire offers these features/benefits:

Puncture-guard toughness. Three tough layers of polyester cord fabric and high-strength steel belts guard against rock and debris punctures.

Durable sidewall. Sidewall design provides side-impact protection and improved traction.

Wetland optimized grooves. Angled lateral and longitudinal groove structure promotes better drainage for improved braking and handling on wet, soggy ground.

Super stable shoulder. The varying shapes of the shoulder blocks are optimized for improved handling and control on unpaved roads.

In order to meet the market demand for higher load carrying capacity sizes, the Delinte DX-12 is available in F-load rated sizes. These sizes have been developed to meet the needs of the newest heavy-duty models of light trucks in North America.

"Our dealers will love selling these tires to customers who want to go anywhere and do anything without compromising ride quality or on-road performance," Wee said. "The DX-12 Bandit delivers durable and dependable traction that can handle both highway and off-road terrain."

The Delinte DX-12 Bandit R/T has specialty designed sidewall shoulders and is available in 17 sizes, six of which are 12-ply LRF, from 16-inch to 24-inch rim diameters.

About Sentury Tire USA

Sentury Tire USA, headquartered in Miami, FL markets Delinte, Landsail, Groundspeed and Sentury tire brands in North America. Sentury Tire USA’s parent company, Qingdao Sentury Tire Co., Ltd. is a global manufacturer of consumer, commercial and aircraft tires, including the tires developed for the main landing gear of the Boeing 737-700/800/900 aircraft. Information on Sentury Tire USA can be found at the USA website,