E3 Announces New E-commerce Website


E3 Spark Plugs, manufacturer of a full line of DiamondFIRE ignition products for street and race performance, now has a fully functioning e-commerce website where products may be purchased direct from the company. In addition to the company’s E3 Spark Plugs, E3 also offers DiamondFIRE racing spark plug wires, race distributors, a 6CDI ignition box, a high output CD coil, an external 2-step rev control, race O2 Sensor, electronic oil-filled can coil and E3 high output performance coils. E3s new DiamondFIRE Billet Distributor line provides an OE fit for most Chevy, Ford, and HEI applications.

The E-commerce site provides an easy to use platform to find the right product for your application with minimal hassle. Products can be filtered by year, make, model and engine for automotive, powersports including motorcycle, ATV and UTV, marine, golf cart and power equipment for lawn and garden applications. The E-commerce site also showcases featured products including the company’s new E3.112 Racing Spark Plug. The cart provides an oversized image, quantity, item number and product description in addition to notice of special offers.

For more information about E3 spark plugs and performance ignition products, visit www.e3sparkplugs.com. For the latest company and product news follow E3 on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, or subscribe to E3’s You Tube Channel.


About E3
E3 Spark Plugs with patented DiamondFIRE technology, developed and validated by researchers from leading engineering universities, improves combustion efficiency for maximum performance. As one of the leading spark plug companies in the United States, E3 manufactures a complete line of spark plugs for automotive, small engine, powersports and racing application. In 2016, E3 expanded the company’s product line to include race distributors, spark plug wires, coils and 02 sensors under the company’s DiamondFIRE brand. The DiamondFIRE line of ignition products firmly entrenches E3’s commitment to the automotive high performance and racing industry. For more information about E3 ignition products, visit e3sparkplugs.com, or follow E3 on Facebook.