I promise you haven't used anything like this before! Patented Liquid Nano Monomolecular Polarizing Metal Conditioner used by NASA, the military and racing


Do you want to get more horsepower, RPM's and laps out of your fuel? How about removing friction so the components last many more laps or hours than before? How about lowering the temperature and improving oil pressure? Even better, let's do all of that at the same time.

About 30 years ago a need for a lubricant that could hold up under INCREDIBLE heat and pressure was needed for the Space Shuttle. Something that could withstand 4500 degrees and 17,000 pounds of pressure. AN aerospace engineer came up with a product already being used for farming equipment and oil field, modified it for NASA's needs and BOOM! No more lubricant issues and the Shuttles started launching.

Here comes the military. They have great equipment designs but issues with maintenance and long term performance. Some formulation is done and here we go. Mini and Gatling guns can be used consistently. The Apache helicopter can stay in the air for extended periods and many other "machines of war" you have heard of only function consistently due to the liquid nano monomolecular hydrocarbon formula in this technology.

No more friction. That lowers the operating temperature, stops metal on metal wear and that gives you more power, laps, hours of performance from your existing platform. If you have fleets you can reduce maintenance because this product protects the metal.....no more sludge, a big enemy in fleet maintenance expense. If you fabricate parts help your tools stay sharp, work faster and last through job after job.

Stop by the Jilcat Proline Booth #51445 and watch a demo. We will be handing out our Super Lube product and some other samples. The Super Lube will work through rust and corrosion and then further prevent them from coming back. Everything metal moves faster, stays cooler and lasts longer with this nano technology.

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