New Product Release - Hybrid Body Side Molding


New Product Release
Hybrid Body Side Molding

Toronto, ON – Sherwood Innovations launches its new Hybrid line of Body Side Moldings. The hybrid version combines BRIGHT CHROME and REAL CARBON FIBER which enhances the materials contrast without losing a main functionality of protection.
Sherwood products are designed and developed to protect the vehicle and add unique style to them. The 20 lengths available reduce the reseller inventory once they are combined to create the perfect kit match to any car. SEMA DATA CO-OP subscribers can download Sherwood data to begin selling Sherwood products online.
“Our OEM quality is what differentiates us from the market. Our products have high standards and are built to last”, said Chris Cosentino, Sherwood chairman. The company just received the IATF certification reinforcing all concern and attention that is taken in each step of the manufacturing process.
Another advantage that can be noted as a manufacturer Sherwood Innovations is capable to create and innovate constantly and has the ability to bring new hybrid models to the market according to the customers’ needs.
Sherwood carries the widest line of Body Side Molding that fit all vehicle application. According to Cosentino “the products are competitively priced and the kits are kept in stock”. Besides that, Sherwood offers high profitability and zero obsolescence for resellers.
The Body Side Molding hybrid version (chrome and real carbon fiber) was created inspired by customers’ feedback and built on the Sherwood Innovations capabilities to revolutionize and deliver excellence.


About Sherwood Innovations Inc.
For over 30 years, Sherwood Innovations designs and manufactures superior quality material for automobiles with a continuously growing selection of car makes and models. At Sherwood, quality is a value hold close to all that is done: from product design to manufacturing process, all demands are followed with strict excellence and compliance with quality standards that had assured a global experience and expertise to provide its products and services to all clients in a high level of commitment.

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