Intercomp’s AS2000™ Alignment System Allows All Repair Shops to Increase Service Offerings


Intercomp’s AS2000™ Complete Alignment System gives owners of small, independent auto repair shops the opportunity to offer high-quality alignment services to their customers. There may be several reasons why a shop does not offer an intensive service like full suspension alignments, but two of the most common reasons are the cost and space requirements of full-sized alignment systems. The Intercomp AS2000™ is the portable, affordable method to many any auto repair business more profitable.

Open floor space or available service bays are at a premium in any auto repair shop. If large repair shops, like those in car dealerships, must overcome this hurdle, smaller shops with less square footage deal with the problem of adequate space to a much greater extent. Intercomp designed the AS2000™ Complete Alignment System to serve shops looking to offer a broad range of vehicle maintenance services, but that may not be able to devote large amounts of financial or space resources to a single purpose. The laser-based system can perform a full alignment, including caster, camber, and toe-in for two axles, on most vehicles, while remaining portable and occupying minimal storage space.

Aside from saving space, the AS2000™ Alignment System saves stress on the pocketbook. Unlike full alignment racks that can cost more than $10,000, Intercomp’s complete system, with turn plates included, retails for less than $6,000. Optional levelers simplify the adjustment process, while a specifically designed rolling cabinet is available to store the system’s core components securely.

The system will also increase the efficiency of any vehicle repair business. Full alignment racks take up the space of one bay, meaning service managers have less space in which to have additional vehicles serviced. Most work is performed in a service bay, then the vehicle is moved to the alignment bay. If additional maintenance items are required, the vehicle is then returned to its original service bay, or sits idle for a third service bay to become available. With Intercomp’s portable alternative, alignments can be performed on vehicles undergoing other service while on a variety of lifts, including scissor, two-, and four-post types.

Intercomp’s AS2000™ Complete Vehicle Alignment System represents the portable, affordable and profitable alternative to traditionally large and costly laser alignment systems. As mid-sized vehicle service centers continue to move away from offering this service, the door is open for individuals looking to start, or grow, their business to fill this need using alternative methods to complete accurate alignments in this highly profitable area.

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