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San Diego – October 12, 2018 - MEK Magnet is proud to join the growing list of woman-owned companies racing to support other women in the off-road world. MEK Magnet will sponsor Team Outlaw #174 by creating custom Jeep Armor for their rally vehicle, a 2012 Jeep JKU. The armor will protect the vehicle’s paint from sand and sun while showing off the team’s racing spirit and making sure you won’t miss them out in the desert!!
Team Outlaw
The Rebelle Rally is the first women’s off-road navigational competition rally in the United States. 1200 miles and seven intense days of competition will test the will, endurance and drive of the contestants all while trying to navigate the hidden checkpoints using only maps and compass. Laura Wanlass (driver) and Keri Porter (navigator) will tackle one of the most unique, precise and demanding challenges for this generation! Follow Team Outlaw or the Rebelle Rally on Facebook to receive live updates during October 13-19th, 2018. In a world where most of us use GPS to find the local store, MEK Magnets is proud to support these women in this daring feat!
Custom Jeep Armor
MEK Magnet designed and produced custom Jeep Armor for Team Outlaw to help protect their Wrangler during the trek. Our staff has taken the time to communicate with both Laura and Keri to come up with a design that they both enjoy, while still having the ability to showcase their team sponsors. Here is a preview of their custom MEK Magnet Jeep Armor:

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