GUNIWHEEL universal spare and mounting system


GUNIWHEEL™ is the world's first universal vehicle and trailer mounting system in a spare tire-like application. The GUNIWHEEL™ is manufactured using high quality mild steel and solid non marking natural rubber for the tire. By using GUNIWHEEL™ instead of a jack or jack stands to mount a vehicle, you can keep your vehicle in a mobile state, safely secured on the wheel hub, and eliminate the risk of jack stand failure and vehicle damage.
WITH IT's PATENT PENDING DESIGN, the GUNIWHEEL™ 45 can accommodate most 4 and 5 lug patterns and the GUNIWHEEL™ 56 accommodates most larger 5 and 6 lug patterns.
GUNIWHEEL™ is the ideal solution for any business or individual that routinely has tires and wheels off of the vehicle.
The GUNIWHEEL™ will keep service and repair bays in dealerships and Collision shops always available to continue production, by allowing the vehicle to be mobile at all times during repairs. The GUNIWHEEL™ is also the perfect solution when storing your boat, jet ski , camper and other trailers in long storage during the off season, just swop out your original wheels with a set of GUNIWHEEL's™ and this will preserve your original tires from flat spots and dry walling during deflation over the off period.