Water Transfer Printing- The Ultimate Decorative Coating for Automotive interiors


Want to make your Automotive interior look brand new again? If so, Water transfer printing is the answer for you. Easily transform interior trims and dashboards with carbon fiber or different styles of wood. The benefits of our process are profound. Water Transfer Printing is not a vinyl wrap, it is an ink-transfer process that utilizes WATER displacement to wrap around 3-dimensional objects efficiently.

TWN has a network of over 1,400 processors that can assist you in dipping any product whether it is Automotive, Sporting Goods, Firearms and so much more. Looking for one of our processors? Visit, www.watertransferprinting.com/services/certified-processors/

If you are looking to start your own business with Water Transfer Printing, your possibilities are endless! At TWN, we have training courses that will properly certify you and your team to get the job done with great results. Our training typically last 2-days and cover the process and how to properly utilize equipment with a marketing program option that can help set your company apart from the rest. Visit our website at: www.watertransferprinting.com/sema or call (305) 258-9622.