KECO Body Repair Products Showcases Pull to Paint Collision Repair.


Pull to Paint™ is a ground-breaking advancement in body, panel, and non-structural collision repair. KECO Body Repair Products developed this straightforward and non-invasive process that utilizes Glue Pull Repair (GPR) to reduce the size of dents, creases, and smashes to speed progression to the finishing stage. Damage can be repaired on aluminum, HSS, or traditional alloy panels by employing specialty GPR hot melt glue, high-strength body glue tabs, and highly engineered lifting tools. Pull to Paint™ maintains the integrity of the OEM warranty on the vehicle’s e-coat that is not possible with stud-welding. GPR users experience:
- an improved key-to-key cycle time;
- higher quality and less invasive repairs;
- greater profitability;
- less chaos in the repair process.

Stop by SEMA booth #16717 to learn more and see the process for yourself. KECO Body Repair Products