ACAT Global's Herringbone Catalytic Converter Technology for Automotive, Motorcycle, Industrial and Marine Applications Designed for EPA and CARB Aftermarket and OEM Applications Outperforms the Competition!


News Release

Charlevoix, Michigan- August 2, 2018- ACAT Global, LLC (Advanced Clean Air Technology) is returning to SEMA 2018 and excited to showcase our innovative and proprietary Metallic Herringbone Technology for automotive, motorcycle, marine and industrial applications. ACAT's universal converters, fitment universal converters and direct fit converter systems are designed for EPA and CARB Aftermarket and OEM applications.

ACAT's herringbone metallic substrate is made right here in the USA and to the highest quality, OEM standards. Our cats provide customers a unique competitive advantage. The efficient catalyst herringbone substrate reduces back pressure for better performance with dyno-proven horsepower gains. The herringbone, turbulent design significantly improves the flow of exhaust gases. ACAT's metallic herringbone catalytic converters improve power output, enabling customers to meet the strictest emissions standards while providing an opportunity to enhance MPG, reduce total system weight, lower noise and decrease vibration and harshness.

For specific applications and information come see us at SEMA booth number 52427 or visit