Sprintex Superchargers is proud to introduce their 2018+ Jeep JL and JL Sprintex Performance Series (SPS) Series 2 superchargers in Booth No. 20379 for the 2018 SEMA Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, Oct 30 – Nov 2, 2018.
Tyrone Jones, Sprintex Chief Executive Officer says, “As vehicle manufacturer’s move towards smaller engine capacities to meet demanding emissions and economy standards, supercharging provides one of the most effective solutions for increased performance without production of higher exhaust emissions. This new design substantially improves supercharger performance and efficiency over our previous Version 1 supercharger units and is Sprintex’s first front entry intake design providing more hood clearance to fit a variety of vehicle platforms without a need to use a custom hood or scoop. The new assembly also uses a more compact state-of-the-art nylon manifold with a 20% larger intercooler than the Sprintex Version 1 supercharger systems. We believe this gives us an advantage over our competition in terms of boost, horsepower and torque for both OEM and aftermarket installations. This supercharger system is also designed to be quieter than our Series 1 supercharger systems, addressing the requirements of the everyday driver in line with OEM and MOPAR® requirements. It provides performance improvements including an estimated power increase of more than 55 to 65% from the stock vehicle and can maintain an on-par fuel economy depending on how the vehicle is driven. Lastly, exhaust emissions output will meet requirements for Stringent CARB EO Certification and emissions standards in all 50 states.”
The Sprintex Booth at the 2018 SEMA Show will feature the new Version 2 supercharger kit installed on a 2018 Jeep 3.6L JL.
Tyrone Jones adds, “This vehicle will illustrate how our new version 2 supercharger is a street legal, efficient system for heavily loaded vehicles, better torque for the trail, and gives an excellent boost in power output on the street without compromising drivability.”
The patented Sprintex twin-screw supercharger is a mechanically-driven rotary compressor with two helical lobed rotors, which rotate in opposite directions. One rotor takes the form of the left-hand helix, the other the right-hand helix, and the two mesh together to form chambers which carry the air. The rotors never touch, but are timed by a pair of gears operating in a lubricated chamber which is separated from the rotor chamber. The high-efficiency low boost nature of the Sprintex supercharger results in lower discharge temperatures and greater volumetric efficiency, therefore ensuring maximum performance output without sacrificing the life of the engine. Higher boost levels and power increases of 100% are possible with suitably modified engines.

Sprintex Ltd.
Sprintex Superchargers is part of Sprintex Ltd (ASX: SIX) based in Perth, Australia. It is one of a select few companies around the world that produces a twin-screw type supercharger for which it holds many worldwide patents.
All engineering, research, and development for Sprintex superchargers is performed at the Sprintex Ltd. headquarters in Perth, Australia. The supercharger units are manufactured in a ISO 9001 factory located in Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. North American operations are located in Auburn Hills, Michigan where all the ancillary components are tested and manufactured or purchased for inclusion in various kits approved for North American OEM or aftermarket vehicles. www.sprintexusa.com