Autopromotec “FOLLOW ME” - International Projects | An Italian arena of excellences in automotive aftermarket| Come and meet the Italian companies at SEMA Show, Oct 30th - Nov 2nd 2018, Global Tire Expo section, Booth 43286


Autopromotec “FOLLOW ME” - International Projects
An Italian arena of excellences in automotive aftermarket
Come and meet the Italian companies at SEMA Show, Oct 30th - Nov 2nd 2018, Global Tire Expo section, Booth 43286

Why Autopromotec FOLLOW ME?!

Autopromotec is the most specialized exhibition of garage equipment and aftermarket products that takes place every other year in Bologna, Italy (next edition: May 22-26, 2019). It hosts the finest of the Italian production in these fields, known for its top level of quality, research, innovation and reliability.

In recent editions, the international dimension of Autopromotec and the intensification of a dense network of relationships with trade fairs, associations and stakeholders has led to increased contacts with numerous foreign markets and exhibitions. From here and from the need of small and medium-sized Italian companies to internationalize, “Autopromotec FOLLOW ME - International Projects" is born, a tool aimed at providing an exhibition or a market exploration offer in strategic areas with high potential.

The project path is evolving and will undergo updates, such as future support of the institutions. But at the center stays the Italian exhibitor with leading productions in the automotive aftermarket sector and its specific needs. The first country chosen by the Italian SME’s is USA, and SEMA Show where there will be the big chance to promote those excellences.

The experience of Autopromotec organizers is at their service to optimize presence, reduce costs and maximize promotion.

Top figures for Autopromotec, a truly global trade show in Italy

Autopromotec’s role as a major exhibition for the industry and an event with the ability to delineate current and future trends of repair on a global level, has been validated by the last few editions, notably last year’s edition. Autopromotec 2017 posted record numbers in terms of total exhibitors (1,599, +4.5% compared to the 2015 edition) and industry professionals (113,616, +9% compared to 2015). There were also impressive data on the edition’s international participation, in witness of the exhibition’s increasing global dimension: in 2017, 43% of the exhibitors were from abroad (representing 53 countries), as well as 23,807 professionals.

With this emphasis on global development, an agreement was signed this spring between the Autopromotec organizers and M&T Italia, a consulting firm specialized in international business development. For the last few years, it has provided support to bodies, institutions, business networks and single companies in the study of foreign markets and how to gain positioning on them.

Thanks to this agreement, Autopromotec has recently started up the project “Autopromotec Follow Me - International Projects”, with development of activities to promote knowledge of foreign markets, including business sector analyses, development of relations, market missions, and especially, coordinated projects for exhibiting in collective areas at specifically targeted international exhibitions.

Renzo Servadei, CEO of Autopromotec, comments: “The goal we’ve set is to implement a path that allows businesses to seize the opportunities and challenges offered by an ever more globalized market. Through this project, Autopromotec aims to support exhibitors by accompanying them on international markets, and at the same time further increase the participation of foreign buyers in the Bologna trade exhibition. We are happy to bring new Italian exhibitors to SEMA Show as first experience of this project”.

The project itself, as a result, will not only give an added boost to the international promotion of the biennial exhibition Autopromotec, but also directly involve the companies in the automotive supply chain, who will be offered constantly updated proposals on accessing developing markets, at competitive costs and with the institutional support through ITA (Italian Trade Agency) funds and the support of a network of contacts, result of the success of Autopromotec. All this and more can be found in a special section of the Autopromotec website:
The “Autopromotec Follow Me - International Projects” will be coordinated by Emanuele Vicentini, previously Brand Manager of Autopromotec and currently Project Manager at M&T Italia. With his years of experience in the international promotion of the exhibition, he is the natural choice for organizing this multi-dimensional project.


Cattini – Booth N. 43290
Our company has been working in this particular sector for more than 50 years. Thanks to our constant attention to detail, and to the advanced technologies used, today our company can boast a wide range of products that are distributed all over the world.

Our jacks are highly appreciated by our customers, thanks to their high reliability and long life not to mention their practicality and elegance. Each jack is made with prime quality materials and undergoes inspections and tests before leaving our factory. We believe Quality starts with the choice of materials that are accurately selected and provided with technical data sheets certifying the technical and mechanical features as well as the chemical analysis.
Our jacks are assembled inside the company by our highly qualified personnel, guaranteeing an additional control of each single part and of the finished product.

Each jack undergoes final testing and inspections for more than an hour with automatic devices, besides the ordinary tests established by the European Standards.

Our professional and highly experienced staff follow all the design phases, using extremely advanced computerized systems, 3D technical software and vector converter software.

Original spare parts are kept in our warehouse all the time. Our spare part service is quick and reliable and guarantees deliveries all around the world in 24/48 hours.
Products: trolley jacks, lifting jacks

Filcar – Booth N. 42289
FILCAR S.p.A since 1989 is recognized internationally as the Italian manufacturing company and leader in the Worldwide Automotive Aftermarket for Exhaust vehicles gas extraction, Dry dust extraction for preparation areas, Welding fume extraction. Since 2010 FILCAR has started producing and designing Technical Modular Cabinets hence introducing a new concept in the workshops and body shops for the “COMPLETE TURN-KEY HANDOVER ”. FILCAR products are designed on different solutions with the aim of giving a balanced and harmonious results which match the design of the workshop itself and the rest of the equipment.

FILCAR’s products have all the same common denominator: High quality of materials, Flexibility, Versatility and an unmistakable Italian Design.

The total satisfaction of the customers’ needs is the main element of FILCAR’s mission.

The achievement of this target is through the implementation of specific strategic guidelines: Research & Development, Careful Design, Production quality and technical customer service before and after sales.

With 2 production units, the companies are supervised from Italy as well as abroad through its many distributors, FILCAR is present in over 100 countries around the World. Apart from Italy, where the company has established strong grounds and an absolute prestigious position, Filcar has achieved and keeps of achieving most of its turnover in the European and International market, positioning itself as a top position player in the sector within the Continent.
All FILCAR products are entirely designed and developed at our headquarter in Reggio Emilia - Italy to warrant a quality product and guaranteed 100% MADE in ITALY.

On our web site can freely download all our catalogs in pdf format in 5 different languages, and view photos of some of the main installations performed.
Products: Exhaust gas extraction, Technical Cabinets, Dry dust extraction and filtration, Centralized Vacuum system, Suction & Filtration of welding fumes, Fluids & Energy supply

Teknel – Booth N. 42287
Teknel is manufacturer of a wide range of induction heaters with customized solutions for workshops, industries and bodyshops.

Teknel has also developed an easy wheel alignment systems for trucks, trailers and heavy vehicles in general.
TEKNEL induction heaters use an effective and safe method for heating metals, avoiding every kind of risk that you have with open flames

Teknel induction heaters create an immediate heating of the piece, for straightening and unlocking elements in ferrous or aluminum material. The water-cooling system allows you to carry out heating tasks for a long time without interruption.

Induction heating systems for industry but also daily workshop operations such as the removal of pins, joints or rusty bolts or the removal of paints are no longer a problem.
Even the most difficult jobs such as the straightening of chassis or rigid axes can become simpler and faster if you use Teknel induction heaters.

They also allow to use specific accessories for the bodyshop to easily remove the stickers without leaving glue residues, pull the dents caused by hail, remove the fixed windows of a vehicle and unlock joints or rusted bolts without difficulty.

The advantages of TEKNEL induction heaters are:
high power efficiency, resulting in reaching the desired temperature in few seconds;
reliable machines and inductors;
wide range of products for every need (0,4 kW, 3 kW, 3,7 kW, 5 kW, 8 kW, 11 kW, 16 kW, 21 kW, 50 kW, 100 kW, 200 kW);
effective cooling system;
long continuous operating times;
many types of power supply, according to the customer's needs (230/400V, 50/60Hz)
Our alignment system for heavy vehicles allows you to make all the necessary measurements, like castor and camber in few minutes, letting you save time and money
The advantages of TEKNEL WHEEL ALIGNMENT SYSTEM are the following:
- easy to use
- very fast measurements
- high quality and reliability
- it can be used without lifting the vehicle
Products: Induction heaters, Tools & Equipment: Installation/Service/Repair, Trailers & Towing Products, Wheels, Collision, Paint, Body & Finishing Supplies

OMER – Booth N. 42281
O.ME.R. S.p.A. has consistently represented the epitome in lifting equipment for cars, trucks, buses and specialty lifting applications. OMER has designed and manufactured unique wheel and body contact lifting systems for markets around the world since 1978. Lifts designs such as the parallelogram were originally created by the OMER design team and are widely used throughout the industry.

For 40 years the name OMER has been synonymous with the creation of innovative and industry leading heavy duty commercial and industrial platform lifting systems. Omer heavy duty lifts are well known for their durability and reliability. OMER quality also extends to their premium wheel alignment racks and service lifts.

In 2011 OMER North America Inc. was opened to provide full sales and product support for our U.S. and Canadian customers. From its inception the mission and vision of OMER NA (Kar Lift Solutions by Omer) has revolved around providing our customers with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Nowadays OMER is still present on North American market with its new branch, OMER USA Inc., established in Atlanta because its role extends well beyond the sale of the equipment. OMER is committed to the North American market with the goal of building long lasting relationships with its customers.,,

heavy duty lifts, bus & truck lifts, mobile column lifts, passenger cars lifts, alignment racks
bipark stacker, tripark stacker, parking storage solutions

New Mobile Column series:
Introducing the new 14,000lbs - 6.5 Tons, battery powered Mobile Column Lifts
Compact, Stable and Easy to Maneuver

Zeca – Booth N. 42291
For 90 years we have been producing hose reels, cable reels, lamps, extensions, balancers and garage tools for workshop and industry professionals.

A wide range of innovative and quality products, the result of continuous investment in research and development, designed to simplify the work of the most demanding operators.

The best of the Italian technical excellence.

The followings are particularly interesting for the SEMA Show:

Series 8400
The automatic hose reel 8400, suitable for external use, can support a wide range of fluids, such as air, water, oil, diesel and AdBlue. Brackets steel, painted with epoxy resin powders, and automatic blocking device for the hose at the required lenght degree, ensure maximum strenghtness and enviromental flexibility with a working temperature starting from-15°C up to +120°C.

Rechargeable lamp 345
It’s a new generation lamp, the ideal solution for professionals who demand tools always ready to work. In fact, its basis, with a highly innovative design, ensures that it is always in charge. Thanks to 4.5W of power, it is able to illuminate every corner with efficiency. Besides, the new lithium battery guarantees two hours and a half of autonomy. But there's more. It is also impact-resistant (IK09 protection grade) and waterproof (IP64 certified).

Diesel recording compression tester 363
This tool allows to know, exactly and in few minutes, which are the real engine conditions. Thanks to the recording card, during the tests, the actual state of the vehicle can be easily documented to the customer. The engine conditions can be got both by observing the progress of the lancet during the test and by analyzing the diagram provided at the end of the test. For using this tool, it is necessary a dummy injector or a heater plug, suitable for the engine under test.
Products: hose reels, cable reels, lamps, extensions, balancers and garage tools

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