Lightforce in great shape with upcoming release of easy-to-install Striker® LED Driving Lights


Lightforce - the premier overlanding illumination brand is excited to announce that its revolutionary Australian designed, engineered and manufactured Striker® LED Driving Lights were released in Australia in May 2018.

With a stylish rectangular form factor for a cool look on any 4X4, SUV or ute, and great all-round performance, this new product from the leader in performance lighting is sure to be a hit.

A pair of Striker® LEDs will be offered to consumers with a complete DIY Installation Kit – the first kit of its kind in the Australian marketplace – for only $599AUD inc GST. This makes Striker® LED more than just a set of driving lights, they are a great value driving light system.

Each DIY Installation Kit will contain two Striker® LED lights, a complete wiring harness, plug-and-play adaptors for your headlight’s high beam, a dashboard switch and all the consumables anyone needs for the install.
For the first time on a driving harness, all the wires are individually labelled so the consumer can’t go wrong. All they need is a few tools to bolt the lights to their vehicle and connect them. Simple user instructions are included, and they can go to or Lightforce’s Youtube channel to watch videos of installation onto different vehicles.

“This Australian made product has been designed to be installed by anyone with basic knowledge of what goes on under the bonnet,” says Tarnia Conti, Lightforce Chief Operations Officer.

Lightforce is known for premium high performance lighting, and Striker® LEDs are designed to perform to our consistently high standards. Their IP68 and IP69k ingress protection rating means they can handle a creek crossing and a high pressure washdown after an adventure. With reduced radio interference technology included, you can listen to the radio without static. And a range of modular filters lets you modify the lights to suit your driving conditions.

Tarnia Conti says, “Lightforce engineers have worked closely with our customers, resellers and skilled auto electricians to develop a high-performing, easy-to-install driving light.”

“We know that many drivers purchase lights, only to then realise they need to purchase a wiring harness for an extra $100 and then have it fitted by a professional installer which further adds $150-$200 to the final investment.”

Tarnia Conti says, “Lightforce’s Engineering, Design, Sales and Marketing teams have worked tirelessly to develop the perfect Australian-made LED Driving Lights with DIY Installation Kit and are proud to offer it at a price within reach for anyone who wants the power of Lightforce on their vehicle.”

Lightforce will always be dedicated to innovation in high performance lighting. We have a history of challenging the design parameters and we have won numerous awards for our driving, portable and tactical lights over the years. Striker® LED continues to reinforce our reputation of designing and manufacturing the lightest, brightest, best aftermarket lights on the market – right here in Australia.

Features that set Lightforce apart:

Filters – modular and coloured
Light force’s unique modular filter system has been carried across its entire range. There are three primary filters available:
• A spot filter comes standard and delivers a virtually unaltered beam. It protects your light’s lens.
• A wide filter disperses some of the light into a wide (letterbox) beam pattern aiding peripheral vision on windy roads and 4WD applications, and
• A flood filter, which further disperses the light into a ‘ball’, suitable for campsites, workshops and high-performance scene lighting.

EMC shielding for reduced radio interference
Hours of static coming out the radio is nobody’s idea of fun. Whether you are on a mining site, commercial road user, off-road adventurer – the Lightforce LEDs are independently tested and will not interfere with your UHF radios or favourite radio channel.
We do this by adding extra shielding around all the drivers on the PCB board. Yes, it costs a bit more but we believe it’s worth it to prevent the radio interference.

LED chip selection
LED chips, irrespective of their brand are manufactured and then classified like gemstones. The classification process ensures all chips are tested for performance and quality, and then placed in the appropriate bin. Higher performance chips are binned and priced accordingly.
Lightforce only select the highest quality LED chips available to ensure optimum performance and colour temperature.

Colour temperature
Like all Lightforce LED lights, our colour temperature is set to 5,000 Kelvin. Others have LEDs ranging between 6,000 and 7,000k which causes a ghostly blue hue and glare that can lead to eye fatigue and lack of definition on the road. Our specified colour temperature of 5,000K minimises glare off objects and reflective signs when driving at night.
Lightforce pride itself on producing the best performing light without compromising road safety of both the driver and of the oncoming traffic.

Designed for tough global conditions
Designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia, not only our products need to cope with our harsh conditions, it must also meet those of our partners in the USA, Sweden and the many other countries we export to, where temperatures range from -40 degrees below freezing to scorching conditions well over 40 degrees Celsius.

Brackets and mounting options
The unique bracket system of Lightforce lights has been carried across the latest lights in our range including the HTX, Genesis LED and Venom LED.
Made from a composite glass-filled nylon, they can withstand greater vibration than metal brackets. They are designed specifically for Australian terrain. In a country where almost 80% of our roads remain unsealed, this feature is a no-brainer for the true off-road warrior.
But the design thinking doesn’t just stop at the material. The brackets are also reversible, which gives you flexibility to position the light according to the fitment constraints.

Lightweight and versatile
The consumer obviously won’t be carrying the light by hand, but weight and wear and tear on your vehicle go hand-in-hand. Most driving lights weigh between 2.5-4kg each and some brands don’t include the bracket in their calculation. Lightforce lights weigh in at just 1kg each, including the bracket. The HTX, our largest light weighs only 2.3kg including the bracket. This ensures that all nudge bars, bumpers or bull bars are more than adequate for these lights. You don’t need to engineer stronger tabs and they can be readily mounted to SUV nudge bars with bar clamps.
IP69K ingress protection
IP ratings are important when you want to give your car a good high pressure washdown after the adventure. While other IP ratings like IP67 and IP68 might be adequate for average driving conditions, only IP69k guarantees protection against regular moisture and dust as well as punishing close-range high pressure, high temperature spray downs.

35 years of innovation in high performance lighting
Designed in Australia, Lightforce products are tested in some of the harshest environments in the world including the USA, Australia, Sweden and Africa; places with extreme terrain and climate differences.
The Lightforce head office is based in Adelaide, South Australia and employs over 70 trained staff. The business has evolved into a sophisticated combination of designers, engineers, quality systems, product management, warehousing, sales, customer service and manufacturing functions across two primary locations in Australia and the USA.

Lightforce continues to see growth in customer loyalty and confidence right around the world.

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