Clinched Flares introduces new Muscle line of fender flares


Clinched Flares introduces the new "Muscle" line of universal fender flares. We wanted to take the classic lines of cars like ’69 Camaro, ’70 TransAm, Chevrolet Nova SS, Mustang, etc. to the next level for all those looking to widebody their muscle cars. These flares may be also good addition for more modern coupe cars with big stock fenders or “bubble” flares like Nissan 350z/370z, FR-S or BRZ, MINI Cooper and others. These new Muscle flares come in 3 sizes - 10cm (3.9"), 12cm (4.7") and 15cm (5.9"). The flares are in stock in our Burbank, CA location for immediate shipping. Come see us at Booth # 53221 to check out these new Muscle flares.