Powerful, compact & lightweight - NEW DTX-2200 220A AC/DC TIG welder from OTC Daihen breaks the weld power source mold!

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Packing huge performance in a small package, the NEW DTX-2200 AC/DC TIG welder from OTC Daihen delivers everything you need to perform excellent welds, except the gas bottle. A water-cooled, trolley-mounted, weld-ready package for less than $5,000 includes the weld power source, water cooler, trolley, foot pedal, torch, gas regulator and ground clamp.

Packing 4 waveforms (square, sinusoidal, triangular and our exclusive AC hybrid waveform), this compact unit delivers big performance previously associated with it's larger competitors. This extremely portable unit is built to operate on field generated power, taking high performance to new heights. Operating on 230VAC-single-phase, while delivering up to 220A of welding power, there isn't a shop, garage or pit where this little beauty won't feel right at home.

If you weld, get to the OTC Daihen booth (52316) to witness a new dynasty in TIG welding!

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