ASFIR 4X4 Skid plates & winch mount for Toyota 4 Runner


Asfir has developed a new product line for the Toyota 4 Runner.
A full set of 6 mm aluminum skid plates which protect the front, transmission, transfer, fuel tank & exhaust.
Aluminum is strong but flexible, so it can be straightened after impact while driving off road. It is light weight and this contributes to saving gas consumption.
All skid plates are bolted on to original holes in the chassis.
No drilling
No welding
No cutting

The side steps bolt onto the chassis and apart from their good looks act as a jacking point all along the side of the vehicle. Due to the steel profile that is conceled under the aluminum cover of the side step.

The new hidden winch mount is installed inside the original bumper and looks great on the vehicle. It accommodates a 9500lbs winch.