Have enough oil? You sure? Because, your dipstick has been lying to you.


Have you ever noticed how hard dipsticks can be to read? You get that weird “v” looking thing on the side of the stick or some squiggly line craziness with one side reading higher than the other. Your oil level is about as clear as mud right? This leaves you the tough job to interpret what exactly these incoherent results mean and what's worse they're not even consistent. They change every time you check your oil! OEM dipsticks are not nearly as accurate or repeatable as they can be.

Why? All OEM Dipsticks suffer from the same problem. A seal on the handle required for sealing the crankcase is the culprit. When you insert the dipstick handle into it’s tube, that seal pushes and pulls a pocket of air trapped inside the dipstick tube. This intern, causes the oil level around the dipstick to move in response. How much it moves depends on a variety of factors, all of which lead to the rampant inconsistencies found when using OEM dipsticks.

The solution is to get rid of the trapped air so it can't skew your results. A SuperStik precision dipstick accomplishes this by utilizing a patented valving system that allows you to equalize or vent the dipstick tube with the simple push of a button. This dramatically improves accuracy and repeatability over a standard dipstick. You can now get an accurate indication of your oil level and get the same result no matter how many times you check it. As a direct OEM replacement, SuperStik offers superior performance with innovative design and aesthetics. They even look miles better than the OEM dipsticks.

Accuracy and repeatability is the name of the game with any instrument and you get both with SuperStik. Accurate dipstick readings ensure optimal oil levels for maximum engine life and fuel economy. Repeatability allows the establishment of a baseline for future measurements to be referenced to. These relative measurements can provide insight into the current health of an engine and can alert you to problems before they cause catastrophic damage.

SuperStik started as a one man operation in a small machine shop with an idea born from the frustration with incoherent and inconsistent oil level readings found with OEM dipsticks. Now we are a rapidly growing company and we’re proud of our product and the reputation for quality it’s quickly achieved. Available for many makes and models in multiple colors and proudly made in the USA. Give SuperStik a try and see the difference for yourself. Learn more at www.superstik.com.