The Detail Guardz Ultimate Paint Protection Tool To Be Released


The Detail Guardz are pleased to announce the release of the new Turbine Dirt Lock this July!

This revolutionary car care tool utilizes fluid dynamic principles to keep your wash water clean. The new technology behind the Dirt Lock will separate nearly all the harmful debris accumulated in your wash bucket. This handy tool will keep your paintwork free from swirl marks and scratches.

Watch the full video link here:

The Dirt Lock utilizes 4 main features to function and is fully powered by the motion of your hand. Each time you pump your hand in the bucket, the water is filtered more and more thoroughly.

1) The Dirt Locks design mimics the shape of a jet turbine. This allows water & dirt to be sped up and pulled towards the bottom of the pail at a higher speed.

2) The Dirt Lock has hundreds of tapered Venturi funnels that compress the water and debris through filtering channels. The supercharged water and debris is then blasted to the bottom of the bucket and out of harms ways.

3) Fresh water return filters allow only clean water to return above for use. This keeps the grit away from your mitt and off your paintwork.

4) The Dirt Lock has flexible locking tabs that allow for the perfect seal in your wash bucket. This ensures it's widely compatible with nearly every manufacturers round buckets.

The Dirt Lock is 100% designed and manufactured in Canada and molded from industrial grade plastic. It is chemical & crush resistant to withstand years of repeated abuse.

Watch the full video link here:

We are excited to show you the new release at SEMA and our other amazing car-care tools! make sure to stop by The Detail Guardz booth 51435 and check us out for special SEMA discounts!