BG High Performance Service for Powersports and Utility vehicles


WICHITA, Kan.–October 31, 2017– The BG Performance Oil Service thoroughly cleans and protects the components in both air- and water-cooled small displacement engines, in just 15 minutes!

The BG Performance Oil Service includes an engine cleaner, oil fortifier, and a fuel supplement:
BG EPR® Engine Performance Restoration®: A powerhouse of an engine cleaner! It effectively softens, emulsifies, and dissolves even the most stubborn fuel gums that clog rings from severe use. Use at every oil change to restore your engine’s power, efficiency, and performance with BG EPR®.

BG Engine Performance Concentrate: Oil fortifier provides superior protection from the extreme pressures and heat found in air- and water-cooled small displacement engines, it’s also safe for wet-clutch applications. Add to the crankcase at each oil change to protect your engine.

BG Ethanol Fuel System Defender®: Protects smaller engines that were not made to burn high octane, ethanol fuels. Rough idle, lost performance, component corrosion and product failure are common results of ethanol. Protect your fuel system from the harmful effects of ethanol. Add BG Ethanol Fuel System Defender® to your gas tank at each oil change.

BG Ethanol Fuel System Drier®: Protects small displacement engines from water that accumulates in ethanol-blended fuel. It holds the water drawn in by ethanol, forms a stable solution, and allows it to pass through the fuel system with no harm to the combustion process.

BG 44K®: The #1 fuel system cleaner in the U.S.! Pour these high quality detergents and additives into your gas tank for better throttle response, restored fuel economy, and overall optimum performance. Protect your small displacement air- and water-cooled engines with BG 44K®.

BG RF-7: This oil treatment maintains engine compression and power by increasing oil viscosity. It will help reduce oil consumption, exhaust smoke, and lifter noise. Use this product to improve oil film strength, which is vital for reducing oil consumption and exhaust smoke common in small displacement engines.

BG Synthetic 2-Stroke Engine Oil for Air-Cooled Engines: A superior blend of performance oils and additives that reduce heat, prevent engine deposit buildup and increase power output in small engines. This oil is exactly what your high performance engine demands!

BG High-Performance 4-Stroke Engine Oil: Formulated with unmatched thermal and mechanical resistance, outstanding film strength and superior detergency for severe usage. This oil is exactly what your high performance engine demands!

You’ll notice that these products:

-Restore peak performance
-Improve to maximum power
-Restore MPG
-Avoid costly downtime
-Protect from premature wear

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