Ecoological Provides Truck Owners a Way to Restyle Their Bumper and Turn Heads Without Destroying Their Resale Value


Ecoological’s new bumper covers for the F-150 are a brand new economical customization platform for easily achieving unique styling options in addition to covering chrome, dents, rust, and adding a layer of protection to the bumper from road debris. These BumperShellz are designed to easily mix and match color schemes, and allow for customers to add grille inserts and LED lights to their bumper. Because modifications are added to the bumper cover instead of the bumper itself, the bumper is spared from drilling or sanding which would cause permanent damage.

BumperShellz are custom formed covers that fit over the OEM bumper to completely cover the original surface. They require no permanent alteration to the vehicle which makes them a great way to customize a leased vehicle or protect a truck’s resale value.

About Ecoological: Ecoological is a small family owned business with a passion for developing new products to meet evolving market needs and the flexibility to get it done quickly. We make all our products in the USA, and many with our own hands. It is our promise to develop unique products that meet the needs of our customers in an environmentally conscious way.

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