Up Down Air Systems Announces Jeep® JK Complete 2 VIAIR® 400C Compressors or ARB® CKMTA12 & Air It Up 4 Tire ADS with Engine Mounted Controller System


The Complete On-Board Air It Up System with Rear Mounted Controller & Bracket installs easy without drilling holes. Includes 8 Quick Release Chucks & 4 Short Easy to Use Whip hoses for your tire values and everything you need to have a fully sustainable system. Controllers are built with an air pressure gauge, adjustable pressure regulator, safety blow off valve and air it up air-port. Keep your whips organized with the included storage pouch.
Our Complete Install Kit Also Includes: 2 VIAIR® 400C Chrome compressors, mounting bracket that attaches to the upper master cylinder and Lower frame & Heat Shield. Also included is a Power Switch & Bracket, Plug-n-Play joint compressor wiring Harness. Or 1 ARB® CKMTA12 with either engine mounted bracket (works with sPOD) or under seat brackets. All kits include complete Push-to-Connect Fittings Air Lines, Hardware and hi temp hose for engine compartment.
BENEFITS: The UpDownAir® Air It Up Controller is a game changing device that will enable you to exactly set your tires air pressure to all 4 of your tires all at the same time. The Air It Up 4 Tire on Board Air delivery system can inflate, deflate or can equalizes up to 4 tires at once. The controller and bracket kit mount under the hood without drilling holes. 4 bright green whips come with 8 easy quick connect chucks with the exclusive easy to use BettyBar™ Quick Release System.

Specifically Crafted for a JEEP JK 2007-2017

If you’d like more information about this company and its full line of air delivery system that will innovative the market please contact Scott Poncher at: 949-279-9167 or Email: Scott@UpDownAir.com WWW.UpDownAir.com