Celette unveils a new product at SEMA, the Cameleon: Customizable Fixture-Set Solution.


Celette the manufacturer of internationally renowned collision repair equipment debuts a brand new product: the Cameleon, Customizable Fixture-Set Solution. This new product provides a solution to help keep up with the high volume of middle segment vehicles entering the global market.
The Cameleon is modular and scalable with a set of standard tips, adjustable X and Y plates and adjustable jigs. It is as accurate and reliable as Celette’s dedicated fixtures. The Cameleon is adaptable to all of the existing Celette standard tools. Log-in to access the user-friendly software in order to customize your own jig assembly with an ever-growing database.

Visit Celette at SEMA booth#11077 for a demonstration or see it presented at the SEMA New Products Showcase.
You can also contact us directly for more information: contactus@celette-na.com or (630)396-6100.

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