Litespeed Racing's all new line of ultra light weight forged 6066 T6 aluminium wheels


Litespeed Racing is proud to introduce its newest line of wheels made from forged 6066 T6 aluminum, which is about 30% stronger than the industry
standard 6061 T6. The higher strength to weight ratio of 6066 T6 means that we can now make forged aluminum wheels as light or even lighter than
our (already light weight) carbon fiber wheels, and at a lower price , with more design and finish options.
For Example our 20X9.5 inch, concave RS5 and RS5D (pictured below) weighs starting at only 17.6 pounds, while be strong and durable. All Litespeed Racing wheels are custom made, with almost endless size, offset and color/finish options.

Here is the reason why. With higher strength properties, we are able to engineer a wheel with less material, while maintaining the same strength as a heavier wheel.

Traditional 6061 T6 aluminum versus 6066 T6 Aluminum:

Ultimate Tensile strenght: 310 MPa VS 400 MPa = 6066 T6 is about 30% stronger
Fatigue Strength: 96MPa VS 110MPa = 6066T6 is about 15% stronger
Strength to Weight: 110KN-m/kg VS 140KN-m/kg = 6066T6 is about 36% stronger


Litespeed Racing has over 10 years of composite and alloy engineering, and manufacturing experience . The RS5 and RS5D where engineered using FEA computer simulation analysis , and third party SAE physical testing.

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Come see the full line of wheels at SEMA booth 21701, central hall.