HENDERSON, Nev. — As a follow-up to its innovative four-corner leveling system for sedans, coupes and trucks, Level Ride Air Suspension (LRAS) now offers a rear-only kit. This system is designed for truck, SUV and RV owners who use their vehicles to tow and haul and are equipped with rear airbags for load-levelling.

“Through developing our products in Australia over the past 18 years, we recognized the need to create a state-of-the-industry system that levels just the rear end for towing/hauling and even commercial applications,” says LRAS founder/product engineer James Cloke.

The LRAS system uses both height and pressure sensors. Many other kits on the market only monitor corner height. This can lead to cross-jacking on uneven terrain. LRAS monitors tank and corner pressures to ensure side-to-side leveling on start-up, regardless of terrain slope.

For the ultimate in control, LRAS uses a Bluetooth-enabled Android-based wireless unit. It offers both voice-recognition suspension adjustment or touchscreen control via virtual “buttons” on its 5.5-inch color monitor. Aside from voice-actuation for three specified heights (Lowered, Ride Height and Lifted), the LRAS controller has one other big advantage over existing smart-phone app systems: It offers a sleep mode with residual energy buffer to prevent battery discharge in both the controller and the vehicle’s battery. This prohibits the vehicle from being stuck in the lowered position due to battery discharge.

Further, LRAS stores data from the WiFi-enabled controller in a secure cloud-based server. This permits remote diagnostics and troubleshooting anywhere in the world where a reliable WiFi connection is available. Also, any future software updates can be downloaded via WiFi.

In addition to the touch-screen controller, the LRAS rear kit includes an ECU, height and pressure sensors for two corners, a Valet/Override switch and all required mounting/wiring harnesses and related components. The kit is currently compatible with many aftermarket air-suspension systems. A pressure-only kit is in development as an upgrade for vehicles that already have a height-sensing system.

The Level Ride Air Suspension system is backed by a limited 12-month/20,000-mile warranty. MSRP for the base four-corner LRAS system is $1,030. For more information, please contact Level Ride Air Suspension, 702-778-5829, LevelRideAirSuspension.com.