The newest system from Level Ride Air Suspension is an Upgrade Kit for existing adjustable suspensions. In contrast to other companies’ controllers, which often use switches or a smart-phone/tablet app, Level Ride employs a dedicated Android-based WiFi unit. The Level Ride Upgrade Kit is compatible with any system that uses 5-volt height sensors. Level Ride also offers pressure monitoring for the tank as well as the airbags and an available option for the ultimate in control.

“The underlying benefit is suspension stability on start-up, particularly on uneven ground,” says Level Ride founder James Cloke. “By monitoring pressure as well as corner height, Level Ride adjusts the suspension automatically when the vehicle is more than an inch out of level. We engineered 18 years’ experience in the aftermarket suspension industry into this kit.”

The dedicated Level Ride controller offers several advantages. First and foremost, it monitors both its own battery and the vehicle’s voltage. A residual energy feature uses an active sleep mode to prevent discharge of both the controller’s and vehicle’s batteries. The Level Ride Bluetooth-enabled controller also offers two wireless modes for suspension adjustment: voice-recognition and touch-screen with virtual buttons.

Because the Level Ride system uses WiFi, it also offers data-logging on a secured, cloud-based server. This allows all vehicle suspension settings to be stored. The primary benefit is facilitating remote troubleshooting/tech support anywhere in the world where a reliable WiFi signal can be accessed.

Level Ride Upgrade Kits begin at $557.00 The base system includes a WiFi-enabled ECU, the 5.5-inch dedicated touch-screen Bluetooth controller, all necessary wiring and mounting parts, a plug adapter that supplies existing sensor signals to the Level Ride ECU, and complete instructions. Pressure sensors are an available option (shown). Basic wiring competency is required for installation.

Level Ride covers the Upgrade Kit with a limited 12-month/20,000-mile warranty. For more information, please contact Level Ride Air Suspension, 702-778-5829, LevelRideAirSuspension.com.

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