KBS Coatings Develops A Paint Preserver To Keep Leftover Paint Fresh


KBS Coatings is proud to announce the addition of KBS Paint Saver to our complete line-up of rust prevention products, gas tank sealers, clear coats and high heat coatings. KBS Paint Saver is a proven paint preserver that allows user-friendly long term storing of leftover paints in the original can. KBS Paint Saver keeps paints, coatings, and clear coats from skinning over in the can which saves you money by allowing you to use the entire can of paint. KBS Paint Saver is also environmentally safe, allows for storage of paints in their original cans, and is very easy to use.

A single aerosol can of KBS Paint Saver can be utilized to save and preserve up to 75 cans of paint which can save you hundreds of dollars per year. KBS Paint Saver was developed after thinking about how dry gasses are used to preserve wine. The same theory was applied to paint and KBS Paint Saver is a completely dry inert heavier than air gas that sits on top of the paint in the can and keeps it from going bad and skimming over.

KBS Paint Saver is for sale on our website and Amazon and will be on display and The Sema Show 2017. Please be sure to stop by booth 11221 and let us give you a demo and more information of KBS Paint Saver.

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