Introducing the innovative Ultra Mist Anti Bacteria fumigation system that is designed to eliminate up to 99% (as tested by TUV) of germs, bacteria and fungus lurking inside air conditioning systems of vehicles and properties. Most people take for granted the air we breathe thinking that is safe and clean when in actual fact there are literally millions of germs, bacteria and fungus growing inside the air conditioning system. Until now, it was an extreme tedious and expensive task to clean and remove the germs, bacteria and fungus from air conditioning system as it would take a lot of time and equipment to do so.

Ultra Mist is quick and easy to apply with great results within 20 minutes. There is no need to dismantle the air conditioning system to treat the problem. Do not be fooled into thinking that all misting systems or fumigation systems are the same as most of them are merely using fragrance oil. Insist on seeing for yourself test reports from reputable international standard laboratories such as TUV . It also FDA approved

Based on 21st century technology, we use a uniquely designed fumigation device to atomize our proprietary anti bacteria solution into ultra fine mist containing millions of “nano scale” sized cleaning particles. Due to the microscopic size of the cleaning particles, germs and bacteria can no longer hide. The ultra fine mist is able to penetrate virtually all areas of the ventilation system. It is especially effective in cars where the ultra fine mist will penetrate all the hard to reach places such as under the dashboard, the carpet, headliner and foam backing of the seats, killing the germs and bacteria hiding there.

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