Royal 4 Systems Releases WISE Planning (DRP, Purchasing, Forecasting) for WISE 7.8


Royal 4 Systems Releases WISE Planning (DRP, Purchasing, Forecasting) for WISE 7.8

LONG BEACH, CA. August 15th, 2017. Royal 4 Systems, a leading producer and distributor of supply chain software since 1984, announced today the release of WISE Planning in their newest release of the WISE Tire Warehouse Management System (version 7.8).

With WISE Planning companies can collect history per requirements (quantity ordered/required date, preferred when available) vs actual ship quantity and date, Users can schedule the process automatically to run weekly, daily, or on demand, give seasonal based computations with 1-2 years of history (preferred), give trend based forecasts with shorter history, give an option to exclude certain orders from history and many other functions.

Companies can hone in on the items they wish to plan against in many ways.

Forecast by manufacturer or vendor – category - inventory group, a specific item code etc. The program considers on-hand, sales orders, purchase order, forecast to compute an expected inventory position on future dates in the window established. Option to include safety stock - min/max or on demand (recommended).

The WISE Planning program can round order quantities at two levels – recommended set quantity (4 passenger tires, for example), or recommended order quantity (a skid of 64). Users can adjust the order quantity on any line

Jess Noguera, CEO of Royal 4 Systems, says, “Most companies rely on their ERP or a third-party program to generate these planning results. The Royal 4 planning functionality allows our customers to accurately plan their inventory and component purchases within the WISE system. In today’s extremely competitive market, every company should be looking for that affordable technology component that can drive efficiencies in forecasting, purchasing and greatly reduce inventory costs”, says Noguera.

According to Sam Elasmar, the President of Royal 4’s WISE WMS division, “The typical ROI on our WISE tire warehouse management software is usually less than one year. With the addition of WISE Planning for the purchasing department, our customer’s buyers should realize a 30 percent increase in efficiencies directly improving the bottom line. This could represent hundreds of thousands of dollars in contribution to the P&L bottom line every year.”

About Royal 4 Systems, Inc. - Royal 4 Systems has been providing the Tire and Wheel supply chain industry with Warehouse Management solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning and Transportation Management software for the past 34 years. Our multi-language warehouse management software (WISE), our leading ERP solution which includes financial, Manufacturing and Distribution suites and our Web solutions (eWISE and WISE Touch) are deployed by hundreds of successful companies and thousands of users worldwide. Headquartered in Long Beach, California, we create, install and provide long term support for all our software solutions. With customer and specific industry direction, Royal engineers have focused on designing the definitive warehouse management solution for tire distributors and manufacturers. Royal 4’s staff of professional engineers has spent decades on research and development solving some of the most difficult challenges facing the tire industry. They know from years of experience what their client’s requirements are, and they strive to fulfill these in every aspect of their work. You can find Royal 4 Systems at For product inquiries email

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