September was a great month for Bishop Innovations: Our HOZEEZ® product now has protected intellectual property to support our ongoing market rollout. The HOZEEZ® Registered Trademark was published in the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s Official Gazette on September 19, 2017, and the Notice of Allowance of our HOZEEZ® Patent was issued by the USPTO on September 20, 2017.

Acceptance of the Patent and Trademark is recognition of the uniqueness of the HOZEEZ® design and name. HOZEEZ® is regarded as the best hose guide for water hoses, air lines, and extension cords, and now our Patent and Trademark protect the advantageous features of our design, engineering, and name.

As a car wash accessory, HOZEEZ® is second to none. It is the most effective hose guide on the market – simple to use, effective, and durable. The unique design features ensure that HOZEEZ® will stay lodged against the tire when hoses or cords are pulled against it, and the advanced design of the structure ensure durability, even when accidentally driven over. HOZEEZ® simplifies car washing, detailing, painting, and other shop work, allowing hoses and cords to slide around the tires. It prevents lower body panels such as ground effects, fascias, and bumpers from being scuffed when hoses or cords are yanked to get unstuck. Compare HOZEEZ® to any other product on the market and you will see that HOZEEZ® is in a league of its own. Our Patent and Trademark protection will ensure that HOZEEZ® continues to stand high above any competitors.

We are bringing HOZEEZ® back to the SEMA show in Las Vegas October 31 through November 3. Our 2017 location is SEMA Booth 13115 in the North Hall. We will be taking orders at the show, as well as seeking more distribution partners. Information about our products and company, including online videos showing HOZEEZ® in use, can be found at www.BishopInnovations.com. I can be contacted directly at 781-264-5698 or by email at Bob@BishopInnovations.com.

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